Learning Goals

Here are some of the ISTE standards that I would like to focus on during my COETAIL journey.  

ISTE Standard: Designer

Learning Goal: Recognizing and becoming knowledgable in how to create authentic learner driven experiences and activities.  Being a point of reference for the staff with concrete examples.

This goal will highly impact my daily classes.  I don’t have my own class and this will require me to fully plan more with the classroom teacher.  Hopefully this will give me enough time to think about where the students are and what kind of learning experience that is purposeful and yet organic.  I will definitely need to ask support from the classroom teachers in co-teaching and co-planning with me.  I will also need to reach out to my different communities and my cohort for these examples that can get my brain going.  Seeing a model or an example is a great way to get the ideas flowing.

ISTE Standard: Digital Citizenship

Learning Goal: Help students understand how and why being a good digital citizenship is good for them online and offline and helping teachers become comfortable with teaching these skills.

I made my second learning goal based on the digital citizenship standard because I believe that cyber bullying is going to be a bigger problem until we can figure out how to get kids to understand the connection between their online and offline lives.   I’m the tech coordinator so I’m not in the classroom enough to consistently model how to be better digital citizens.  Just like with many aspects in technology, teaching teachers and getting them on board is the one of the bigger hurdles but they are your biggest asset in reaching all of the students which is why I added the getting teachers comfortable in the skills as part of my learning goal.

2 thoughts on “Learning Goals

  1. Hi Boramy,

    I totally understand what you mean by trying to help teachers embed digital citizenship into their lessons. Digital literacy is one of the most important factors in preparing thoughtful and prepared digital citizens and helping teachers who may not see it’s value is always a huge hurdle. I think COETAIL will be a great help to you in finding pathways to guide teachers towards meaningful inclusion of digital citizenship into their curriculum.

  2. Hi Boramy,

    I didn’t have my own classroom either during COETAIL. It was the perfect excuse to collaborate more and spend more time in the classroom! Looking forward to reading about your journey 🙂

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